Personal gateway connecting SMS with XMPP or email.

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sms4you forwards messages from and to SMS and connects either with sms4you-xmpp or sms4you-email to choose the other mean of communication. Nice for receiving or sending SMS, independently from carrying a SIM card.

sms4you on a Raspberry Pi


Connect a suitable GSM modem or phone containing a SIM card into a computer (e.g. a Raspberry Pi) at a fixed place. Give sms4you access to either a simple email address or a small xmpp server. It will use this connection to receive emails or xmpp messages to be sent out as SMS and to send out emails or xmpp messages with received SMS messages.

Concretely - why?

There can be many reasons, why you want to use sms4you. Here are some examples:


sms4you is implemented as a Python daemon, using Asynchronous I/O. For the connection with the modem it uses ModemManager. The different gateways for email and xmpp have different depenedencies and are wrapped therefore into different sub-projects:


Run sms4you as unprivileged user

$ sudo addgroup --force-badname --system _sms4you
$ sudo adduser --force-badname --home /nonexistent \
      --ingroup _sms4you --no-create-home --system _sms4you
$ sudo cp sms4you.conf /etc/dbus-1/system.d/
$ sudo cp sms4you.pkla /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/30-site.d/
$ sudo chown root:_sms4you /etc/sms4you/{sim_pin,xmpp_component_password}
$ sudo chmod 640 /etc/sms4you/{sim_pin,xmpp_component_password}